RAPToR Faculty

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Zaf Qasim

Course Director

Dr. Qasim is an Emergency/Critical Care physician with additional experience in operational EMS.  His interests lie in advanced trauma resuscitation, human factors, and prehospital care.



Andrew D Fisher

Assistant Course Director

Major Fisher has held various roles including paramedic, PA, and now medical student in Texas.  He has a wealth of experience in developing the military use of whole blood, training in REBOA, and adherence to TCCC principles.



Joseph DuBose


Colonel DuBose has trained in vascular and trauma surgery, and is an expert in endovascular techniques for resuscitation.  He serves as the director of the USAF's Center for Sustainment of Trauma and Readiness Skills (C-STARS)


RAPToR Faculty

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Matthew Martin


Col Martin has extensive experience with both military and civilian trauma, as well as trauma research.  He is a member of multiple trauma societies, and currently is based in San Diego


Joseph Love


Dr Love is Trauma Medical Director at HCA Kingwood north of Houston Texas.  Additionally he is the Program Director for Surgery with the HCA Houston Healthcare and University of Houston School of Medicine General Surgery Residency.  He is a former trauma surgeon in the US Air Force and active in several ACS educational courses as national or state faculty.

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Jennifer Gurney


Col Gurney, a decorated soldier, wears multiple hats including chair of the Committee of Surgical Combat Casualty Care and Theater Trauma Medical Director for OIR. Her primary focus is improving care of the combat casualty

RAPToR Faculty


John Holcomb


Dr Holcomb is a professor of trauma surgery. He has extensive experience in both military and civilian trauma management, hemorrhagic shock, and translation of military principles to civilian casualty care.

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Cord Cunningham MD


Emergency medicine and prehospital care

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Juan Duchesne MD


Dr Duchesne is a professor of trauma and critical care and chair of the Committee of Trauma, Louisiana Chapter